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Programme Achievement

JCECC Leadership Training Programme 2017

The JCECC Project Leadership Training Programme 2017 aimed to nurture a group of clinical and service development leaders in community-based EoLC. In this programme, 24 leaders in the community were guided to review international best practices and standards of clinical excellence in community-based EoLC. The leaders were exposed to state-of-the-art, evidence-based and innovative practices in quality community-based EoLC for patients and their family caregivers. The practice-based learning approach empowered leaders to develop EoLC services in their own work settings through exemplary clinical care, international best practice and evidence-based skills training.

Upon completion of the training, participants showed significant improvements in all competence domains and leadership skills. They indicated their biggest gains from the programme were learning to apply theories and research to support their service planning connecting with global development of EoLC, forming networks with other practitioners in the field of EoLC and being able to bring insight and knowledge to influence other colleagues in their service agencies.

Some comments from fellows in Leadership Programme 2017:

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